Themis, the goddess of justice and law, symbolises the values of our activity.

Bolstered by its values, Themis Capital and Themis Real Estate SICAV put together a team of real estate, private equity and asset management professionals. Our specialities have led us to develop a vision of real estate, which we would like to share and which requires us to invest on a larger scale. This is how the idea of creating a real estate SICAV and a manager of collective assets arose.

Themis Capital SA and Themis Real Estate SICAV were authorised by the Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority FINMA on June 4, 2020.


Asset management

Themis Capital SA aims to manage collective real estate investment products, the first of these being Themis Real Estate SICAV. Other collective investment products could be created in the future.

The company may also manage real estate portfolios or collective real estate investments for third-party account in the form of white labelling.

Real estate portfolios

These skill sets brought together for managing Themis Real Estate SICAV are also made available to real estate property owners who would like to delegate the management of their portfolio.

The dynamic and proactive management of Themis Capital SA as well as possible economies of scale thanks to the management of significant volumes permits owners to optimise the revenues and increase the value of their real estate properties.

Real estate development

Themis Capital SA brings together the skills and capacities to implement and manage construction projects, which can bring opportunities for additional return for investors.


An active management of assets is implemented for improving their attractiveness for the lessors and their long-term improvement for investors, through maintenance, renovation or adaptation work of the properties in terms of function and energy. In general, a durable approach is implemented for integrating the environmental and social aspects in all of the processes.



Within Themis Capital, we have developed an internal benchmark of over 2000 properties (from 24 real estate funds/SICAVs) located in Switzerland with the following information:

  • Purchase price
  • Yield
  • Rental situation
  • Expert valuation
  • Vacancy rate
Fund: XDate of report: 31.03.2021Canton: VaudCity: LausanneAddress: Rue de l’IndustrieType: ResidentialTheoretical rental status (EL): CHF 589’776Rental income (RI): CHF 586’811Cost price (CP): CHF 8’573’814Market value (MV): CHF 12’460’000Ratio RS/MV: 4,73%Ratio RS/CP: 6,88%Ratio RI/MV: 4,71%Vacancy: 0,50%ExampleExample with fictitious valuesLausanne


Through the anticipation, proactiveness and intelligent utilisation of digital tools, we want to provide you with an entrepreneurial and disruptive approach to the real estate management activity, by re-balancing the interests of lessors and lessees.



Our values are structured around 3 S:

Stakeholder, Societal and Social

integrating the ESG criteria

Environmental, Social and of Governance

The 3S

The creation of Themis Capital SA was motivated by the desire to create a SICAV, Themis Real Estate SICAV. We have chosen the SICAV model, and not the investment fund model, as the SICAV’s investors are shareholders and therefore have a right to monitor and vote in the shareholders’ meeting. They are stakeholders and can influence the course of business, which gives them the opportunity to have an active and participatory role.

Real estate has a major role to play in the evolution of the society. A forward-looking vision of the company’s developments and needs will permit the portfolio to be positioned favourably for the future. The environmental and governance aspects are an integral part of the societal aspect and are taken into account at their fair and high value in all of the Themis Capital SA’s functioning processes.

The main household expense today is allocated for accommodation. One of our fundamental values is taking everybody’s right to have the best quality accommodation possible into account.

The ESG criteria

The enterprise’s direct or indirect impact on the environment in its investments as well as in the management and the development of its portfolio.

In keeping with our vision of the 3S, the direct or indirect impact of the enterprise’s activity on the stakeholders (in particular staff members, clients, suppliers and local communities) is related to the universal values of respect, appreciation and loyalty.

Governance focuses on the manner in which the enterprise is directed, administrated and controlled (relations with shareholders, its Board of Directors and its management, transparency of the remuneration of its directors, the fight against corruption).