Board of directors

Me Olivier Thévoz


Me Jana Rossier


M. Giordano Coletti


M. Stéphane Blatti


M. Burkhard Vetsch


M. Christophe Lanz



Laurent Breit

Chief Executive Officer

Laurent holds federal real estate management and appraisal certificates and has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work for major real estate companies, as well as for institutional investors and real estate funds. He is also a member of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Graduates and an external expert for the Swiss Commission for Real Estate Examinations (CSSE).

Patrick Fierobe

Chief Property Officer

Patrick Fierobe’s passion for property management shines through in his personality. With more than 20 years’ experience in managing and optimising property assets in Switzerland. With a perfect knowledge of property management tools, Patrick has managed, optimised and renovated with excellence the properties entrusted to him, always with an eye to the future. He has a real entrepreneurial spirit and a constant desire to learn. He has worked for major property management companies belonging to private owners, and the quality of his work has enabled him to develop the management company well beyond the property portfolio belonging to the owners. Patrick is fully conversant with all aspects of tenancy law. His vision, integrity and know-how have enabled him to create substantial added value for owners (investors). Mr Fierobe has a perfect knowledge of the management of yielding assets for institutions, having managed property assets for several COPREs and property funds.

Christophe Lanz


Mr. Lanz is a seasoned entrepreneur. He founded several companies, one of which had a total of nearly 200 employees and is present in four locations in Switzerland.

With a strong background in private equity, Mr. Lanz has invested heavily and successfully for many years in real estate projects in the Middle East and Europe, particularly in France and Switzerland.

His entrepreneurial qualities make Mr. Lanz an informed member of the Swiss market. He represents the entrepreneurial shareholder on the Board of Directors of Themis Real Estate SICAV.

Our team

Philippe Craninx

Operating Manager – OM

Having led as a bank manager and shared his knowledge as a trading trainer, Philippe also stands out as the creator of a real estate fund in Luxembourg and a consultant in Switzerland, revealing a bold strategic vision. His career is characterized by innovation and remarkable international influence.

Alain Kratzer Themis Capital

Alain Kratzer

Accounting & Finance

Alexandra Audemars

Executive Assistant

After thirteen years in a large group active in the field of construction, real estate, promotion and personnel management, Alexandra has rich skills in the fields of construction and real estate, but also as an executive assistant.

Enrico Antonelli


Abderrazag Chafrouda Themis Capital SA

Abderrazag Chafrouda

Economist Analysis – Asset Management

A co/manager with experience in commodity trading, review and agreed-upon procedures engagements. Industry exposure: general commodity trading, semi-refined and refined oil product trading, Aviation, security, Insurance, Private Equity, Banking, Investment, Wholesale and Retail markets, Foreign Exchange Houses and Consumer and Luxury Retail, Industrial and BOT projects related to Crude Oil exploration and operations.