The management of real estate portfolios on behalf of large private and institutional owners requires extensive expertise in asset management, valuation and energy efficiency.

A forward-looking vision with a good management strategy for the short, medium and long term, allowing for continuous monitoring and improvement of possibilities and efficiency in terms of management and investment optimization.

The various properties are periodically analyzed and subjected to forward-looking reviews as to their medium and long-term potential. Active portfolio management by Themis Capital ensures that the value of the overall portfolio is maintained and that it performs at all times.


Portfolio management process

Definition and mapping of key investment and management objectives

  • Yield level
  • Risk level
  • ESG sensitivity level  
  • Liquidity level

Portfolio review and risk analysis

  • Valuation (DCF analysis) and internal real estate benchmarking according to our database (Themis Real Estate Benchmark)
  • Energy assessment and planning of the renovation program by building
  • Risk analysis (legal in the context of the portfolio)
  • Ongoing Review of Strategy Compliance

Portfolio management

  • Selection and direct supervision of contractors and subcontractors.
  • Digitalized accounting, administrative and technical management
  • Launching and monitoring of energy recovery and optimization projects
  • Reports (KPI, KRI) adapted to institutional requirements

Investment / Divestment

  • Accompaniment and definition of the program for the acquisition or sale of real estate
  • Acquisition due diligence (legal, technical and financial)
  • Transactional process management
  • Launching and monitoring of construction or elevation projects

Rental management is carried out by the selected agencies. We set up with them the automation of the accounting entries of the buildings, data exchange procedures.