Asset management

Themis Capital SA aims to manage collective real estate investment products. Other collective investment products could be created in the future.

The company may also manage real estate portfolios or collective real estate investments for third-party account in the form of white labelling.

Real Estate Portfolios

The real estate property owners who would like to delegate the management of their portfolio.

The dynamic and proactive management of Themis Capital SA as well as possible economies of scale thanks to the management of significant volumes permits owners to optimise the revenues and increase the value of their real estate properties.

Real estate development

Themis Capital SA brings together the skills and capacities to implement and manage construction projects, which can bring opportunities for additional return for investors.


Investir in sustainable real estate

Energy renovation

About 80% of the Swiss building stock is in need of energy renovation. In addition, over 60% of households in Switzerland are still heated with fossil fuels.

On the basis of the Paris Agreements (halving greenhouse gas emissions), the Federal Council decided in August 2019 to achieve CO2 neutrality from 2050. As part of the comprehensive revision of the CO2 Act, the cantons must ensure that emissions from buildings are 50% below 1990 levels by 2026-2027. These efforts, together with the measures provided for in the fully revised CO2 Act, have the potential to bring about a reduction in emissions of around 65% by 2030 compared to 1990.

The implementation of the new energy policy places a greater burden on private and institutional owners. Concrete, energy-saving measures for older buildings, especially in city centres, require in-depth specialist knowledge and a pragmatic assessment of individual implementations. Energy improvements and solutions as well as the support of external experts are also very expensive.

Themis Capital strives to achieve the best possible energy efficiency for all old buildings.

The improvements will be achieved within 3 to 5 years. CO2 emissions and resource consumption will be reduced to the lowest possible level. The Themis real estate portfolio is thus renovated in a sustainable manner through energy improvements to older buildings. It is clear that one of the main goals of the fund is to be one of the leading players in the fund industry with regard to the energy optimisation of older buildings. This requires a rather long-term focus, but with a continuous increase in value